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Behind the lens

Emily is a portrait and brand photographer based on the east coast of Canada, primarily in St. John's, NL. She loves capturing images with intention and purpose that tell a story. 10 years ago, she picked up her first camera as a hobby, taking portraits of friends and family for fun. As she continued to develop as a photographer, she began booking all kinds of clients, from families and couples to events and graduations, experimenting with different styles of portraits and learning new skills along the way. 


Recently, Emily discovered a passion for creative portraits, which she combined with brand work. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with multiple local apparel brands and brands across Canada.


In August 2022, Emily was one of 20 Canadian photographers selected for the Canon Futures program, a 12-month mentorship program working with and learning from some of Canada's top photographers and creative professionals as well as other fellow young creators across Canada. 


Emily prides herself on being active in all aspects of the planning process alongside her clients. No matter the project, Emily works to make sure the client feels involved at every stage of every shoot, and that the model is always comfortable and confident.


Along with shooting portraits of others, I also practice the art of self portraits!

My first self-portrait was a simple headshot. After that, I was eager to experiment with unique and creative forms of self-portraits involving props and more technical photography skills

I have found this style of photography challenging simply because of all the elements needed to create the image now that I am the one in front and behind the camera. 

Despite the challenges, there have been many positive outcomes with my self-portrait journey. The main one was that it taught me how to pose. This has translated into my work with clients giving me a better understanding of how to pose and direct the subject I am working with. 

I have also gained a better understanding of how a client feels during the session. There is no doubt that having your photo taken can be nerve-wracking. I have been able to guide my clients more easily through their session now that I know how they feel. 


My gear list

  • Canon EOS R6 body

  • Canon EOS R body

  • Canon 35mm 1.8 macro lens

  • Canon 50mm 1.8 lens

  • Canon 24-105mm lens

  • MacBook Pro

  • Acer desktop monitor

  • Impact backdrop stand

  • Savage Universal seamless backdrop paper 

  • Bagsmart camera bag

Check out all my gear!

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