When it comes to photography, my favourite style is creative portraits. This is where I can use technical skills along with artistic ideas in every shot! 

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Behind the lens.

I am a 24-year-old portrait photographer in St. John's, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

My passion for photography began at the young age of 14 when I bought my first DSLR camera. I was inspired when I was handed down my grandfather's vintage film camera. The very first portraits I took were of my friends using the film camera as a prop. I immediately fell in love with taking photos and I haven't put the camera down since. Over the past 10 years, I've continued to educate myself, learn from other professionals, and practice a LOT which has all led to where I am today!


I started taking self-portraits in 2019 after seeing other well-known photographers try the trend of taking "advanced selfies". Since I am always the one behind the camera, I thought it would be interesting to try out being on the other side.


My first self-portrait was a simple headshot. After that, I was eager to experiment with unique and creative forms of self-portraits involving props, or more technical photography skills

I have found this style of photography challenging simply because of all the elements needed to create the image now that I am the one in front and behind the camera. 

Despite the challenges, there have been many positive outcomes to experimenting with self-portraits. The main one was that it taught me how to pose. This has translated into my work with clients giving me a better understanding of how to pose and direct the subject I am working with. 

I have also gained a better understanding of how a client feels during the session. There is no doubt that having your photo taken can be nerve-wracking. I have been able to guide my clients more easily through the session now that I know how they feel. 

Self-portraits are a way for me to explore portrait photography without needing another person. It has been so rewarding seeing my ideas come to life knowing it was 100% created by myself!